From “Diversity” to “America First”

Society trends differ for each generation and for each Presidential administration. Under the Obama administration, diversity was championed vigorously, in particularly within the Federal government. In addition to mandating diversity reports and increasing representation and pay for female workers, the Obama administration tried their best to waterfall these efforts to suppliers seeking to connect with them.

Under a Trump administration things will change. While corporations may promote diversity’s relevancy, the government has made it clear that things will change for, what they argue will be, the better. Diversity is set to take a back seat, which wouldn’t be that bad if there was a logical program to take its place. It seems under the new administration, taking action means scaling down past policies. While that may work in the beginning, at some point new overriding legislation must take its place.

Diversity’s relevancy will decrease, and a focus on hiring American seems to be the new focal point. While not a bad thing, there are questions as to the longevity of these new jobs. Whether hiring American is a new trend or a realistic business strategy remains to be seen but it is clear that the average American worker is now the alternative to diversity. While this is obviously not a bad thing, it does offer a change to a more global branding America sought the past decade.

We will see the affects of a new American agenda, but it’s a bit sad to see that diversity and American jobs couldn’t go hand in hand.

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